Beaver Dam Student Senate ends year making a difference

Even amidst year-end projects, assignments and final exams, students found time to volunteer for three community service projects.

Over the course of three days, more than 35 students participated in Student Senate’s sponsored Habitat for Humanity build days. On May 2, members of the Electrical Power Distribution Club worked on silt fencing and stone veneering for an almost-finished house in Juneau. On May 10, different members of the same club painted a shed and backyard fences for a home in Beaver Dam.  And the day before, May 9, members from the Student Nurses Association, Donut Club, Beaver Dam Student Senate, and Welding club painted fences for a home in Beaver Dam.

The group’s second community service project this Spring was with Music & Memory, a personalized music program improving the quality of life for those living with dementia. Music & Memory was introduced to the Beaver Dam Student Senate in the fall of 2016. Through the introduction to Music & Memory the students learned of a local organization that could benefit from their volunteer efforts and talents.

Remembrance Home in Beaver Dam has the Music & Memory program and was in need of a larger storage space to house iPods, headphones and the charging units utilized for to bring personalized music to their residents on a daily basis.

Several students donated heir time, tools and building skills over the last few months to build a custom storage unit for Remembrance Home. The finished unit was presented to Remembrance Home on the afternoon of May 17.

Brenda Voigt, CNA and the Music & Memory lead at Remembrance Home expressed her excitement for the unit. She indicated that they are now able to centrally locate all of their Music & Memory equipment in the dining room making personalized music even more accessible for the residents they care for.

A special thank you to Wendy Gosdeck in the Technology and Engineering Education department at Beaver Dam High School. With her help, the Beaver Dam Student Senate utilized the woodshop and tools in order to complete the project

The third community service project was year-long, going well into Spring semester. Members of Student Senate volunteered their time peer mentoring students with disabilities.  The organization that they worked with was called Bright Futures of Wisconsin, which is an organization that provides employment solutions for people with disabilities.  As volunteers, students participated in and often led team building exercises, games and leadership activities.  Students interacted with each other for many hours over the course of the entire school year.

It is difficult for students to find time to volunteer, especially at the end of the school year, so their efforts are appreciated.

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Written by Lisa Manuell
Student Life - Lead