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When you think of a Business Analyst, what words or thoughts come to the top of your mind? Do you think its technology or IT related? Perhaps someone who sits behind their computer analyzing data, numbers, or customer insights all day long? Or, maybe someone who analyzes workflows or processes?

These are all correct answers because a Business Analyst has many roles. They help identify business needs, solve problems to produce better outcomes, and help organizations add value to customers, suppliers, or end users of a process or IT system by working as the liaison or agent to enable that change. They are often called change agents, liaisons, or even influencers.

According to The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), a business analyst is any person who performs “business analysis” activities, no matter what their job title or role might be.
Key responsibilities or activities of a Business Analyst type position could include:
• Eliciting or uncovering the actual needs or “requirements” of the business overall and stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, or end users for new product launches, process or workflow changes, IT or system changes, and other change initiatives.
• Facilitating effective communication and building relationships between organizational departments and stakeholders.
• Analyzing and synthesizing information collected from stakeholders or other sources in order to spot patterns or gaps, draw conclusions and insights, and interpret what it means by connecting the dots.
• Translating the collected information and requirements into understandable reports, infographics, or other communications for effective decision making.
• Defining, recommending, and validating solutions and strategies to meet business needs.

The Moraine Park Technical College Business Analyst program was created as an online program, to meet the demands and needs of the growing marketplace.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Employee Projections, employers in Wisconsin will need 13,151 Management Analysts by 2024. That’s a growth of 14%, almost double compared to all occupations nationally. If you’re ready to become an influencer, Moraine Park is now accepting fall registrations for the Business Analyst Program.

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Written by Kristina Haensgen
Marketing | Public Relations | Strategy | Communications | Professional Storyteller