Career Videos: Advice that Matters

Girl smiles while at table with male.

Do you have questions on what to wear to a job interview or how to make your resume stand-out?  If so, you are not alone.  Students struggle in the transition from college to work. There are many resources available to college students to assist them in the job search process.

Students at Moraine Park can access Career Videos such as Career Fair Success.

CareerSpots features streaming career advice videos which cover a variety of topics.  Topics include:  Tips for Researching Companies, Mock Interviewing, Internships, The Salary Question and Advice from Graduates.  The short, informative videos offer students a “real-world” approach to job readiness.

Graduation will be here before you know it!  Get prepared now for what lies ahead.

Check out all 20 of the Career Videos today.  Contact Michele Sabel, Employment Services Specialist, at 920-924-3205 or for assistance with your job search.

Written by Michele Sabel
Employment Services Specialist