Heroin Highway – Overdose Simulation

Heroin Highway simulation with nurses

It is known that the best way to learn is by doing. This is how the Moraine Park nursing program teaches their nursing students every day in the simulation center located on the West Bend campus.

The nursing students are able to recognize and care for patients with all types of illnesses using the simulation center. Recently, a new simulation was created to help teach the nursing students how to care for a person going through a heroin overdose and heroin withdrawal. There has been a sharp increase in heroin overdoses within the last couple years in all cities across the state.

As future nurses, students will need the necessary skills to understand how to manage and care for someone going through a heroin overdose.

The nursing students live recorded a heroin simulation in preparation for the Highway to Heroin lecture series. The recorded heroin simulation will be presented for the community to view on Feb. 23.


The Heroin Highway lecture Series will run every Thursday from January 26 – February 23.  This event will occur on the MPTC-West Bend Campus at 6pm in room T-101.
Lecture Series Topics:
January 26: Is It Really Here?
Hear from families who lost a loved one and law enforcement on the current status of the heroin epidemic.
February 2: Struggles of Addiction
Hear from those who have loved ones struggling with addiction.
February 9: After the Bars Close
Hear from those whose addiction landed them in prison.
February 16: Celebrating Recovery & Legislation
Celebrate recovery and discussion on legislation that has passed.
February 23: Heroin Simulation
Observe how destructive heroin is on the body. Watch a health education simulator mannequin react to the drug and how an ER would respond.


The Heroin Highway Lecture Series is part of Hidden in Plain Sight interactive display. The display features a teenager’s bedroom with many items hidden or in plain view that helps to identify areas where teens may hide drugs, alcohol and other paraphernalia.  It also points out household items that can be used to either cover up drug and alcohol abuse or can be used to facilitate drug and alcohol use.

The purpose of the program is to educate family and caregivers about the signs that can be an indicator of drug abuse.

The Hidden in Plain Sight bedroom and Heroin Highway Lecture Series was made possible through a partnership between the West Bend Rotary, Moraine Park Technical College, Elevate and the Washington County Heroin Task Force.  Both the Heroin Highway Lecture Series and Hidden in Plain Sight bedroom are free and open to the public.  Hidden in Plain Sight is open from January 21 – February 23 on Thursday’s from 5pm to 8pm and Saturday’s from 10am to 2pm in the MPTC-West Bend Library Alcove.

Written by Melanie Schroeder and Kerry DeGroot

Written by Melanie Schroeder
Student Involvement Specialist