Celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week

Crowd at Global Entrepreneurship Week

Global Entrepreneurship Week is recognized in 130 countries including Australia, Sweden and Zimbabwe. This year the world’s largest celebration of entrepreneurs takes place the week of November 14-20. Global Entrepreneurship Week is a global eco system that promotes entrepreneurism by engaging, connecting, and inspiring new audiences to think about starting their own business someday.

Have you ever thought about starting your own business? This is a great time to explore the opportunity.

Not sure about your business idea and want to get connected to others that can help you get started?  One way to learn more about how to start a business is to get involved in the local inventors and entrepreneur (I&E) club. The purpose of most I&E clubs is to educate, nurture and connect area inventors and entrepreneurs with each other and local resources available to assist them.entrepreneur

The first club in Wisconsin was started in Juneau County in 2008. Since then many Wisconsin  I&E Clubs have emerged including one in Fond du Lac County.  Imagination Network was launched in May 2013. The club invites all aspiring and current inventors and entrepreneurs in Fond du Lac and surrounding counties to participate in events. Participants learn from each other, tap into each other’s skills and talents, explore new ideas and provide support and resources necessary to be successful entrepreneurs and inventors.

Want to get connected or be inspired?  On Tuesday, November 8, the Imagination Network of Wisconsin group will be celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week a little early at Thelma, 51 Sheboygan Street, Fond du lac. Local businesses and startups will be displaying their products and services at this mini-tradeshow. The event starts at 6:00PM and is free.  Came a little early and join us for dinner. RSVP recommended by Friday, Nov 4h to: info@IgniteFondduLacCounty.com.

At Imagination Network meetings, you can share your ideas, network with creative people and business owners and find the resources needed to help you get started in your own business.  New ideas are just a spark away!  Who knows maybe next year,  we can feature your new business at the mini tradeshow!

Written by Samantha Story