Life Isn’t Perfect But My Dog Is

Whether you decide that you want to hang out, go for walks, snuggle, or get involved in doing canine sports, Black Dog Training is a pet training service for you.  Black Dog Training provides home based obedience activities and more.  Cindy concentrates on teaching your dog and the owner basic behaviors or can involve group training with others for competition.  Owner, Cindy Hanish began this training as her own dog, Chester motivated her to want to help others.

Cindy Hanish attended the five week Start Your Own Business series through Moraine Park Technical College in the Fall of 2021.  Her goal was to open her business by January of 2022.  Instructor Jeff Stueber worked with Cindy to provide simple ideas to generate business and sales. Since then, Cindy has developed many programs to suit the needs of the canines and their owners.

It doesn’t matter what age or breed your dog is, Cindy will help you teach your dog how to behave appropriately at home or on-the-go, while at the same time, building a positive and happy relationship together.

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Written by Jeffrey Stueber