CNC Student Tops Reddit!

chess board

When CNC student, Cory Schumacher, completed his semester project this last December, he couldn’t help but share his accomplishments on this personal Reddit feed. Little did he know, it would quickly climb to be the top post on machinist site. If you take a look at the image, and his quality work above, it should be easy to see why.

“The chess board was created in my advanced 3D milling and turning classes,” Cory said. “It was a combination of a few classes because of the time involved. That’s the only way something like this could come together.”

Jim Hokenson was the CNC instructor for this project. He created the drawings and prints for the chess board.

“Not every college is doing stuff like this,” Cory said. “I got to talk to people from around the country through Reddit and was told this from a few students at other colleges. It just goes to show you how good of a program Moraine Park has.”

Cory has his chess board proudly displayed, and he says it’s one of those things that he will keep for life.

“This was probably my favorite project we have made here to date,” Cory said. “It was also the most complex project we have made.”

His Reddit post so well received that he even had people requesting him to make more. He did state that the time and energy involved in this project is significant and that he doesn’t expect to create this chess board again.

“A project like this is the best experience you can get,” Cory said. “From the blueprint reading, programming, and setting the block up to be machined. You’re doing everything you would be doing in the workforce.”

As if 1/21/2019, Cory’s post still remains at the top, as the #3 top post of the year.

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Written by Kristina Haensgen
Marketing | Public Relations | Strategy | Communications | Professional Storyteller