Congrats to MPTC’s Community Impact Award Recipients

Moraine Park Technical College is committed to community engagement and student success. The College supports these commitments through the opportunity for students to participate in student community impact and apply their classroom knowledge to an applicable, real-world environment. 

We encourage students to participate in our community impact awards program where students can track their service-learning or volunteer hours, submit their reflections, and earn a Bronze Award for 25 hoursSilver Award for 50 hours, Gold Award for 100 hours, and President’s Award for 200 hours!

In the 2021 fall semester, despite all the Covid-19 challenges, 15 students earned awards and logged over 1,600 hours of service!  Congratulations to our Fall, 2021 award winners!

Presidents Award

For Fall, 2021, three students earned the President’s Award for over 200 hours of service each in their time at MPTC!  The three students are Corey Koch – Administrative Professional, Heather Quickle – Nursing, and Julianna Stuht – Paramedic.  MPTC President Bonnie Baerwald celebrated with and congratulated each student, stating: “I’m extremely proud of the accomplishments of Julianna, Corey and Heather. Each has their own unique story and came to Moraine Park Technical College to explore and create new career opportunities. In addition to their work and college obligations, their volunteer efforts exemplify the college values of continuous improvement, collaboration, and impactful learning. I can’t wait to see what their futures hold for them!”

President’s Award winner Corey Koch said: “I spent my volunteer internship hours working on the new database/donor tracking system for the FDL Area Women’s Fund.  I was excited to learn and plan how a good database could help bolster the Women’s Fund mission and goals.  I helped with each Women’s Fund fundraising event, and put all previous and new donors into the database.  I also worked on creating a guidebook for the software. I hope this book can be utilized by the next incoming person who will handle software management.  I learned more about working independently and on a team. My Women’s Fund experiences were eye-opening and great practice for my future career.”

President’s Award winner Julianna Stuht said: “Volunteering as an AEMT/firefighter for my community gives me the opportunity to meet the citizens that reside in my service area, as well as further my skills as a healthcare provider. I am so excited to continue learning through this volunteer opportunity.”

From left to right:  Student Community Impact Coordinator Anne Lemke, Julianna Stuht, President Bonnie Baerwald, Corey Koch
From left to right:  President Bonnie Baerwald, Heather Quickle, Student Community Impact Coordinator Anne Lemke.

Gold Award

Completing 100-199 hours of service-learning or volunteering.

Stuht, Julianna – Paramedic

Silver Award

Completing 50-99 hours of service-learning or volunteering.

Riemersma, Allison – Nursing

Beeks, Tonia – Medical Assistant

Manke, Zoe – Medical Assistant

Stuht, Julianna – Paramedic

Bronze Award

Completing 25-49 hours of service-learning or volunteering.

Beeks, Tonia – Medical Assistant

Moore, Brianna – Medical Assistant

Diaz, Gisselle – Medical Assistant

Manke, Zoe – Medical Assistant

Gerth, Ashley – Medical Assistant

Fassbender, Noelle – Nursing

Koenitzer, Kaitlyn – Medical Assistant

Riemersma, Allison – Nursing

Rogers, Dorothy – Paralegal

Schmitt, Jordyn – Nursing

Stuht, Julianna – Paramedic

Vang-Xiong, Mina – IT Network Specialist

Mueller, Cindy – Leadership Development

Congratulations Medical Assistant student community impact award winners! 
From left to right are Tonia Beeks, Zoe Manke, Gisselle Diaz, Brianna Moore and Ashley Gerth.
Congratulations Jordyn Schmitt on your Student Community Impact Award!
Congratulations Dorothy Rogers on your Student Community Impact Award!
Congratulations Mina Vang-Xiong (left) on your Student Community Impact Award!
Congratulations Kaitlyn Koenitzer on your Student Community Impact Award!

Written by Anne Lemke
Student Community Impact Coordinator