Finding Time for her Passion- Faith Rockwell


Juggling the responsibilities of life is tough, but Faith Rockwell of St. Cloud is tougher. She came to Moraine Park in 2019 with a mountain of daily responsibilities, a goal to provide a stable life, and a sweet young daughter who relied on her to accomplish both.

“I graduated high school in 2014 and got married shortly after,” Faith said. “My original plan was to go to college, but when I became pregnant in 2016, that shifted my plans.”

Faith became a single mother when her daughter was just six months old and was left to take care of all the parenting and financial responsibilities.

“Suddenly my life changed from being a stay at home mom to having to struggle to pay bills and provide for my daughter,” she said. “There were times we went hungry. I knew I had to find a stable career to get us into a better situation. That’s when I found Moraine Park.”

Faith chose the respiratory therapy program, a career path that offers job security and an opportunity to serve in a fast-paced health care environment.

“Moraine Park has been amazing,” Faith said. “My teachers have helped me so much by providing me with many resources to help me be successful in my program.”

She has utilized many resources that often are forgotten, like disability services, counseling, and the student emergency fund.

“Being a single mom is terrifying,” Faith said. “It feels like you can never get ahead or enough. I struggled for a long time, and finally, I decided to apply to Moraine Park. Since coming here I’ve had more support and help than ever before. It is possible to redefine your life.”

Faith is scheduled to graduate in May 2021 and has goals to specialize in the NICU and help premature babies with their breathing function.

“Achieving my educational goals gives me hope for my future.”

Written by Kristina Haensgen
Marketing | Public Relations | Strategy | Communications | Professional Storyteller