Haley Highlights the Wisconsin Student Government (WSG)


Trust me, WSG is not as scary as it sounds! The basic rundown of the Wisconsin Student Government is as follows:

  • All 16 of the Technical colleges meet once a month. Typically these meetings are in person; however, we are currently meeting virtually.
  • Each college has two representatives, the Governor and the Lieutenant Governor, who are elected by their college’s student government.
  • The Governor is the only one allowed to vote on behalf of their college. They make decisions on topics such as budget, speakers, previous meeting minutes, adjuring for lunch, etc.
  • The WSG also has a leadership team that consists of a president, vice-president, secretary, and parliamentarian. These positions are open to any student within the WTCS.

The meetings are very informative, allow the colleges to bounce ideas off each other, and opens up doors to crucial connections.

MPTC students: If you have not considered attending one of the WSG meetings, I highly recommend doing so!

Potential/future students: Participation in the WSG is just one way that MPTC offers opportunities to grow and connect.

Visit https://www.morainepark.edu/experience-mptc/student-life/ to learn more.

Written by Haley VanRaden - Moraine Park District Student Ambassador