Stay Organized With Haley!

Have you ever wondered if there are apps out there to help college students?

A while back, I investigated a couple that would help my stay organized. These are some that I found:

  • Pomodoro timer (work 25 and break for 5 timer)
  • Stay focused (blocks time draining websites that distract you)
  • Evernote (records notes, lectures, videos, etc.).

I also found apps that list available student discounts.

  • Cartwheel (targets mobile app)
  • Chegg (help save on textbooks)
  • Deal hack (student discounts)
  • Fake spot (hides fake reviews)

Feel free to do research on your own, the ones listed above are just what I have found useful!

Happy studying or shopping, which every you decide. 😊

Written by Haley VanRaden - Moraine Park District Student Ambassador