Homeschoolers and Moraine Park Connect

People sitting at tables in meeting

In October the Moraine Park homeschool outreach team met with Fond du Lac area homeschoolers to find out how Moraine Park can support the homeschool community.

Vice-President of Student Services, Jim Barrett, was in attendance and shared valuable information with the group.

The meeting was set up with two missions in mind.  For the outreach team to hear a variety of homeschool scenarios and to find out what the homeschoolers wanted to see from us to support them in their journey toward their children’s futures.

This gathering was our first official face to face contact with the homeschool community, We plan to host gatherings at our West Bend and Beaver Dam campuses in the near future. If you are interested in being a part of these gatherings please send me an email at

From this meeting we found that some of the top interests of the homeschoolers in attendance were Career Assessment classes, transcript assistance, and hands-on opportunities for high school-aged students. The team will be meeting in the coming weeks to talk about how we can serve these and other needs. Please be sure to contact us if you are interested in receiving communication from us regarding these and other opportunities.

If you want to be on the mailing list of homeschool contacts you can email or go to homeschooler contact information and fill out the Google Doc. You can also join our Facebook page Moraine Park Home School Outreach.

We will not share the information from the contact list with anyone not affiliated with the Moraine Park homeschool outreach. We want to use this list as a way to communicate events and opportunities at Moraine Park with the homeschoolers in our district. We will also use this list to send out a survey to homeschoolers to gather information to help us better serve homeschoolers.

Written by Kim Harrington
Administrative Assistant - General Education