A hypnotist, hilarity and chipmunks, oh my

students dance at mptc chris jones performance

You’re getting sleeeeepy. Very, very sleepy.

You’re not? Hmmm … well, I guess we’ll leave that to the pros, like hypnotist Chris Jones. He’s appeared on America’s Got Talent, and visited our campuses this week at Moraine Park to give several hilarious performances sponsored by our Student Senate groups. A large outpouring of faculty, staff and students turned out to witness the energetic, interactive fun.

How much fun? Well, take a look at the silliness we enjoyed in the gallery below. And while looking at the increasing mix of shock, laughter and disbelief on everyone’s faces, we dare you not to smile!

Keep scrolling now. You’re feeling smiley already, aren’t you? Very, very smiley!

Looks like a lot of fun, right? Well, from casino days to cupcakes, there’s plenty more yet this semester for our students and the general public to enjoy. Check out our calendar of events for more info!

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