Manufacturing is Alive and Well

It is no secret that the labor market is very competitive today.  With job postings almost everywhere, employers are actively looking for job candidates using several methods.  Here at Moraine Park Technical College we are not immune to this challenge either with both employees and students.  We are looking to combat the talent shortage issues locally, by actively working with our business partners to help them with on-site training, getting them connected to our program students or growing our boot camp programs.

Speaking of boot camps, Moraine Park Technical College had the privilege of attending the Washington County Job Fair on Wednesday, August 16thWe were there to share our message about the boot camps and strengthen our relationship with area business partners.  In addition, our virtual welder was great at generating interest in welding and manufacturing amongst the job seekers.  We recruit potential students into the boot camp program, train them and at the end of the program business partners can hire a highly trained and skilled boot camp graduate on a full time basis.

It is never too early to start thinking of a career.  We are confident our area business partners will tell you that they are looking to fill several positions in manufacturing and the industry is alive and well.  Also, that the manufacturing environment has changed for the better over time.   So during our time a the job fair this week we found interest in manufacturing from several people.  Check out our picture below and again remember it is never too early to start thinking about your career in manufacturing.

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Booth at Washington County Job Fair

Written by Samantha Story