Mom, are you busy?

Written by, Beth Aubrey, Moraine Park online student (pictured on far right)

Mom, are you busy? What a silly question for me to ask! I am sure at this current moment if you look around you, there are dishes in the sink, piles of laundry that need to be folded and children that are begging for your attention. You feel pulled in every direction with their questions: What’s for supper? Can you bring me to my friend’s house? Can you help me with my homework?

You almost lose your own identity and you find it hard to find the time to squeeze in something for yourself.

So on a typical busy “mom” day, I found myself sitting in the midst of a pile of laundry watching TV when one of those cheesy ads came on about going back to school, I literally laughed out loud at the thought.

Now many of you are now thinking as I did, how can a mom possibly have the time to go back to school? The next day after work and while picking up the children after school I found myself still thinking about this cheesy television advertisement. Why was I still thinking about this silly idea? Was I crazy enough to really think I could go back to school with my busy schedule? I was!

I eventually made the terrifying call to Moraine Park and within a few moments found myself scheduling an appointment to meet with a counselor about the possibility of actually doing something for myself.  I know at this point you are saying that it would be crazy for me to go back to school because I had been out of high school for too many years and I thought that too! The Moraine Park Technical College counselor helped me make the decision to go back to school. She also helped me to decide what area of study to pursue.  She guided me in the preparation for the entrance exam test and before I knew it I was a student again (just like my children)! Soon I was registered for my first semester at college.

This busy mom did not much free time so at Moraine Park’s suggestion, I took online classes. These classes were great and the teachers responded quickly to help with any questions that I had. Moraine Park has a great student support from the teachers, advisors and even fellow students within the class. I was beginning to feel like a person again – not just a mom!

So, take a deep breath, take a chance because this choice could be for you, too – especially if you are the mom with the “crazy mom schedule.”

We always tell our children to “Reach for your hopes and dreams.” We need to do that, too!

I chose Moraine Park because they understand the “crazy mom’s life” and want those moms to be successful.  I have met so many working moms that are now Moraine Park graduates. Moraine Park has provided them with this same personal experience. My question now to you is; do you have Moraine Park’s number? Are you ready? Why not add something crazier to your mom world that has something in it for you!?  So I urge you to make that call and talk to someone at Moraine Park.

Written by Joan Seichter
Business Technology Instructor