Moraine Park and Dodge County SWAT Live Simulations at BD


Moraine Park Technical College’s Criminal Justice and Paramedic students collaborated with the Dodge County SWAT Team last month to offer a live emergency simulation.

The simulation was in response to the major remodel at the Beaver Dam campus last summer. The new layout required the Dodge County SWAT team to do a walkthrough and reassess the building- as a way to be prepared in the event of an emergency on campus. 

Moraine Park’s Criminal Justice and Paramedic instructors worked with the SWAT team to host and lead a simulation event featuring three different scenarios- as a learning opportunity for the students. 

“I am grateful for our partnership with the Dodge County SWAT team and the time they spent with our students.” Lisa Pollard, Moraine Park’s Beaver Dam campus dean, said. 

Throughout the simulations, students assisted the SWAT Team in the live emergency scenarios and were able to ask questions regarding their responses to different emergencies. 

“This simulation offered a valuable, real-world experience to our students,” Pollard said. “The SWAT team utilized our Moraine Park classroom spaces, including our built-in apartment and ambulance- used for hands-on classroom training. How they work in that environment, with their equipment, providing an emergency response is how Moraine Park prepares the students for their future careers.”

The SWAT Team, students, and faculty received valuable knowledge from the simulations that will help prepare them for emergency situations in the future, and the partnership between Moraine Park and Dodge County will help ensure a safer campus and community.


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Written by Kristina Haensgen
Marketing | Public Relations | Strategy | Communications | Professional Storyteller