Moraine Park Is Cleared For Liftoff!

"Cape Canaveral, FL, USA- January 2, 2011: The NASA's Logo Signage at the Kennedy Space Center, NASA in Florida, USA."

Recently, Moraine Park Technical College was named as part of NASA’s Wisconsin Scholarship Grant Consortium (WSGC), becoming one of only two technical colleges in the state to be a part of this elite group.

You heard me right, NASA! As in rockets, space exploration, walking on the moon, and more!

NASA’s WSGC exists to promote aerospace-related science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education and to incentivize participation in the state’s aerospace workforce. As a member, Moraine Park will have access to unique research, scholarship and fellowship grant programs, and internship and program development support. Students and faculty will also have opportunities to directly engage with research programs at NASA centers around the country through internships, co-ops, faculty visit programs, and the NASA Ambassadors program. NASA’s WSGC consists of 40 different entities, including businesses, government, and colleges, all of whom have a shared interest in cultivating the future of aerospace and STEM education.

Current Moraine Park programs that will qualify under the NASA WSGC are Electromechanical Technology, Mechanical Design Technology, Process Engineering Technology – Industrial/Manufacturing, Process Engineering Technology – Quality Assurance, and CNC/Tool and Die Technologies. Further program development is expected to offer more opportunities for more programs at Moraine Park in the future.

“This is still new territory for us, but we are excited for the opportunity to collaborate with NASA and find unique learning opportunities for our students,” said Marcia Arndt, associate dean of manufacturing at Moraine Park. “The sky is the limit for our students, now more than ever.”

Currently, NASA’s WSGC is offering up to $2,000 for a 2018-19 undergraduate scholarship to support outstanding undergraduate students pursuing aerospace, space science, or other interdisciplinary space-related studies. Current Moraine Park student enrolled in one of the five qualifying programs are encouraged to apply. Application deadline is October 2, with award announcement on November 30.

“This opportunity not only opens doors for Moraine Park, but also for our communities. I am proud to be an extended part of NASA’s future,” said Dr. Bojan Ljubenko, director of institutional effectiveness at Moraine Park. “I look forward to exploring this program and what it will bring to the future of Moraine Park.”

For more information on the NASA WSGC program, reach out to Dr. Bojan Ljubenko by calling (920) 924-3229 or email

Written by Kristina Haensgen
Marketing | Public Relations | Strategy | Communications | Professional Storyteller