Moraine Park Technical College is Homeschool Focused

Homeschool kids playing

Moraine Park Technical College is a homeschool friendly school and we want to show homeschoolers just how much we want to partner with you.

We are being purposeful in reaching out to homeschoolers in the Moraine Park district to provide you with higher education opportunities so that your children are well prepared to become future leaders in their fields. But don’t forget higher education is not just for our children. There are great opportunities for everyone in the family to take classes and earn degrees.

As a “former” homeschooler I am passionate about connecting with the homeschool community and sharing what I have learned. As a mom of three technical college graduates I have experience with the process and I would love to share my knowledge. As an employee of Moraine Park, I can help you with your higher education needs and questions and I understand them from a homeschooler’s perspective.

We want to know how we can serve you and meet your family’s educational needs. We want to come visit you at your coop location as well as invite you to come to Moraine Park for various reasons. We want to show off our programs and what careers we have to offer your students. We also want to help you understand our processes and the many options your students as well as your whole family have to gain your higher education knowledge and skills.

Even if your child is thinking about going onto a four-year college we have opportunities in preparation for that choice. There are transfer agreements between Moraine Park and many four-year colleges that make it possible for your child to take classes at Moraine Park, usually at a cost savings, and have those credits transfer to the college of their choice.

Right now we are gathering contact information from willing homeschoolers in the district so we can send out a survey and have a line of communication to this community. I have set up a google doc for those that would feel most comfortable submitting their information that way.  This is the link:

If you would prefer, please feel free to connect with me at or 920-924-3195. I would love to begin our connection now. Also, be watching for more blog entries on more topics related to homeschoolers and Moraine Park.

You can also visit our website at

Written by Kim Harrington
Administrative Assistant - General Education