Resumé Building and Networking

Courtney Hoffmann headshot

Courtney Hoffman recently moved to West Bend from Shawano seeking new job opportunities and an education. She has chosen to pursue the Business Management with emphasis on Management and Supervision degree at Moraine Park Technical College. Hoffman has had a positive experience at Moraine park with both online and face-to-face classes and stated that all of her instructors have been helpful, responsive and motivating.

So motivating, that she decided to venture outside of her box and join The Commons Project, co-sponsored by Moraine Park. The Commons Project brings students together to dive deep into customer discovery, ideation, product development, business models, sales and more. The Commons Project is usually only offered in Milwaukee, but a special condensed program was recently held in Sheboygan at Jake’s Café.

Hoffman drove to Sheboygan on two separate Sundays and joined a team of innovators, young learners, creatives, and mentors. Hoffman was part of a team named The Europe Travelers because they all had the common dream of traveling to Europe one day.

The Europe Travelers were tasked with finding a more cost effective and efficient solution for in-home care management. The solution could be for patients receiving care, in-home care providers or relatives of patients receiving care.

Hoffman’s team came up with Umbrella Care. Umbrella Care is a wearable technology that would track and communicate common health stats to the patient, doctors and in-home workers via an App. Also, Umbrella Care would serve has a platform for both in-home care providers and loved ones to communicate with each other in one common forum. Hoffman and her team presented their innovative idea to a group of local mentors within the community.

umbrella care app

Hoffman stated she enjoyed the experience and feels she has made some excellent connections and is currently still communicating with her team members. Also, mentors from the community attended all of the group presentations and were available for networking and possible future opportunities.

Hoffman highly recommends The Commons Project to Moraine Park students. She feels this was a great resume builder and networking opportunity. Also, the program is free and only required two days of her time. Hoffman was so pleased with the experience that she decided to seek out another The Commons Project in Milwaukee.

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Written by Sarah Ninmer
Digital Marketing Instructor