The “Bean-Counter” Myth

female and male accounting students work on forms on computer

Who would count beans for a living? After all, one bean has nearly no value. Yet accountants are often called bean-counters. Why?

The term is used to imply that accountants nitpick over things that don’t matter. As an accountant, I know that nothing could be further from the truth.

Accountants are a vital part of all businesses. Without accountants the economy could not function.

Just as pathologists are trained to interpret lab results, accountants summarize and interpret financial data for planning and decision-making purposes. A doctor relies on the pathologist’s report before diagnosing and prescribing a course of action. Businesses, investors, and creditors rely on accountants’ reports in order to make informed decisions.

Multi-billionaires like Bill Gates, Waren Buffet, and Mark Zuckerberg need accountants. Small and medium-sized businesses need accountants. Individuals need accountants.

If we were bean-counters, we would have been ground to dust in the new economy. Instead, the profession is expecting a faster than average growth rate with above average wage potential.

So much for the bean-counter myth!

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Written by Joan Falter
Accounting Instructor