The Perfect Fit- Tyler Duel

Tyler Duel Alumni

College isn’t one size fits all, and Tyler Duel of Van Dyne learned quickly that despite his path, Moraine Park was his fit all along.

As a 2014 graduate from North Fond du Lac, Tyler had every opportunity available to him. He had earned an impressive score of 33 on his ACT’s and easily got accepted into the University of Wisconsin- Madison, where his plan was to pursue a degree in electrical engineering.

“UW- Madison is wonderful, but early into my first semester I realized it wasn’t for me,” Tyler said. “I didn’t excel in the university setting, tuition was expensive, and honestly I wasn’t mature enough for that atmosphere.”

Tyler may not have felt mature enough for the university setting, but his actions following showed the opposite. He completed his year at the UW, moved back home, and began to explore his options locally.

“I originally thought a 4-year college was my only option for success,” Tyler said. “When I found Moraine Park I was hesitant. I didn’t know if the same career opportunities would be available for me.”

Despite his initial hesitations, he decided to enroll at Moraine Park in the Mechanical Design program.

“I easily adapted to the College,” he said. “My classrooms were set up like an industry, so what I was learning every day would easily transfer into a job setting.”

Tyler excelled at Moraine Park and in his program. He interned at BCI Burke in Fond du Lac, and prior to graduating in May 2018, he had three job offers from local industries on the table.

“Moraine Park prepared me all around,” Tyler said. “Not only did I learn about the industry and my career, but I received help on my resume, searching for jobs, and preparing for interviews. I felt ready and able to start my career.”

Today, Tyler is employed at Marchant Schmidt, Inc. in Fond du Lac as a mechanical designer. He has a steady career, very minimal school debt, and endless opportunities for growth- all before the age of 25. His goal is to continue his education so he can further his career.

“I love what I’m doing,” Tyler said. “I’m advancing in my field and enjoying my work. I’m glad I chose Moraine Park.”

Written by Kristina Haensgen
Marketing | Public Relations | Strategy | Communications | Professional Storyteller