Top 10 reasons to choose a career in Marketing

Marketing students learning how to create a video commercial

 Wide Range of Career Options

Marketing does not restrict you to one specific job. Jobs range from traditional marketing to social media management and content creation. New online jobs are declared regularly for both large and small businesses. This gives the student an additional benefit of being choosy about the kinds of work atmospheres.

New Technology

The digital world is constantly changing. As a marketer, you will be learning new software, testing apps, utilizing innovative devices and implementing new technology within your marketing plans.

Flexible Work Atmosphere

Careers in marketing are flexible. Due to most functions being online, the workplace is not critical. You can often work from home since location does not matter.

Social Media

Jobs in social media are one of the coolest jobs around. You will be able to not only connect with consumers online but also create videos, posts, photography, live chats, etc. for multiple social channels.

Growing Job Market

All businesses ranging from large to small are investing in marketing. Digital jobs, like marketing, have projections of continued growth in the future.

Marketing students working with a green screen to shoot a commercial.

Consumer Interaction

As a marketer, you will be talking with consumers either online or in person. This allows you to build relationships and help meet consumer needs, which is rewarding

Promotion Opportunities

An entry-level position can grow into a management position within just a few years of experience. Also, it is easy to horizontally move into other areas of marketing. If you start in advertising and prefer marketing analysis, you can make that move while giving the department the benefit of your experience.

Creativity and Innovation

 Marketing adds life to blogs and websites. This involves both creativity and analytics. Writing content and creating marketing plans demands imagination and innovative ideas.

Analytics and Research

Marketing also includes researching consumer trends and providing analytic results from multiple marketing channels. If you are a numbers person, marketing analytics and research specific careers are perfect for you.

Be a Rockstar

Being a marketer requires teamwork. The marketing team is at the forefront of innovation for the company. Successful campaigns will make you feel like a rock star since you have pioneered new technology and thinking within the organization.


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Marketing students working with a green screen to shoot a commercial.

Written by Kristina Haensgen
Marketing | Public Relations | Strategy | Communications | Professional Storyteller