3 weeks into a NEW career

We are off to another successful start for our CNC & Welding Boot Camps! With week 3 of our 22nd boot camp in the books, we are excited to see where the 15 new CNC and welding recruits will go!

Most of you may not know that it’s common for participants to come into these boot camps with little or no experience in their chosen field.  So they spend the first couple weeks getting their feet wet and learning the ins and outs of their new trade.

For more information on our manufacturing boot camps, visit www.morainepark.edu/bootcamp.

Take a look into the CNC and welding labs and see what the participants are working on. Our welding participants will practice on the virtual welders for a week, before using their skills to weld actual materials.  CNC participants are getting their first experience using the machines with the help of their instructor.

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Written by Samantha Story