I knew Moraine Park would be there for me . . .

Sarah Spang graduated from Moraine Park twice!  Her determination to succeed and grow lead her to continuing her education with Ottawa University where she is pursuing a Master of Business Administration with a leadership development concentration.  She credits Moraine Park for helping her gain confidence and discover what she really wanted to do with her life.  Here’s Sarah’s story in her own words.

Sarah Spang“I graduated from Moraine Park Technical College twice. In 2009, I went through a one-year technical diploma course for Office Assistant and was able to springboard that into my first real job out of high school. Mid-2016, I graduated from Moraine Park again after completing the two-year Business Management – Marketing program.

Moraine Park was a positive influence on me in 2008 and 2009 when I was just learning more about how to be an adult. After a career change and some time realizing that if I were to succeed I needed to enhance my education, I knew Moraine Park would be there for me and I need not look anywhere else.

In 2014 I went back through Moraine Park’s doors, not knowing if I would succeed as a returning adult student. Even in an online setting, I had the support of many. While I didn’t get a chance to be on Moraine Park’s campus much during my Business Management-Marketing program, I still managed to have amazing conversations with the faculty and staff. They were all incredibly kind, willing to share their wisdom, and encouraging of the various dreams and goals I had. I would truly recommend MPTC to anyone.

The transfer options I was then able to obtain through Moraine Park made me realize that I could keep on a path of further education and through that, I was able to gain confidence and understanding in what I really wanted to do with my life. After my 2016 Business Management – Marketing degree graduation, I transferred easily to Ottawa University and obtained my Bachelor of Science degree online in Business Administration in only one additional year. Now, I’m continuing my journey with Ottawa and I’m in the Master of Business Administration program with a leadership development concentration.

I work in an entrepreneurial-based role for a nonprofit in Fond du Lac, assisting current and aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners.  I am heavily involved in the Fond du Lac community, serving on a few boards and committees relative to young professional growth and development, women in the workforce, etc. My favorite project right now is being the license holder and founder of TEDxFondduLac, an independently organized event in the spirit of TED talks. Planning such a globally-recognized event in the community I love has been challenging and a huge life experience in delegation, but has been incredibly rewarding and I can’t wait to have Fond du Lac displayed in such an amazing capacity.”

Written by Joan Brezinsky
Alumni & Annual Fund Specialist