Do you have what it takes to run like an Angel?

Hannah Hillesheim, Instructional Technology Specialist at Moraine Park, smiles with athlete from TEAM TRIUMPH

Although we all have a competitive spark living inside of us, some have physical limitations that prevent them from participating in athletic events. Enter the Angels of my TEAM TRIUMPH. Disabled athletes, known as Captains, become part of a team of able-athletes known as Angels. Captains provide inspiration and a sense of joy and excitement all the while being pushed by an Angel in a race using a specially designed chair. Captains and Angels share their moment of glory together when they cross the finish line as a team.

On Saturday July 22, 2017, Hannah Hillesheim, Instructional Technology Specialist at Moraine Park Technology College and Interactive Media Design program alum, participated in the Green Bay Packers 5K Run at Lambeau Field as an Angel.

Hannah’s my TEAM TRIUMPH was Captained by Jennifer and together they made their way through the race, traversing through sprinklers and even taking a lap in the stadium. “This was a great event. We both had a lot of fun” said Hannah.

my-team-triumph-7-22-17Why did you want to be part of my TEAM TRIUMPH?
“I wanted to help someone who wanted to participate in running but was not able to due to physical challenges. I wasn’t a strong runner a few years ago. Training and participating in events, especially a half-marathon and a triathlon, has made a tremendous difference in my life. I wanted to share that sense of accomplishment and joy with others who may not be able to do it on their own.”

What was the best part of the event?
“Being able to socialize with all of the different Captains participating in the run and sharing in their excitement. Also, running through the tunnel and taking a lap around Lambeau field was really fun.”

What would you say to others who may be thinking about volunteering?
“I encourage everyone to try stretching outside of their comfort zone. You don’t have to be a runner to make a difference. There are many opportunities out there where you can volunteer your time and talent to improve the lives of others. Once you start helping others, you will want to continue.”

Written by Fred Rice
Dean of Applied Technology & Trades