EWD Welding Instructor – Dan Zoschke

We are excited to introduce Dan Zoschke, our new Welding Instructor in the Economic and Workforce Development Department. In his role, Dan works with participants who are learning and crafting their manufacturing and welding skills.  He will also be working with students in our short term manufacturing boot camps as well as support the growth of that program.

Dan came to Moraine Park Technical College from a long career in Manufacturing.  He has worked at Apache Stainless Corporation as a Welder/Fabricator specializing in custom built tanks.  This included Tig welding several different types of metals including Stainless, Hastelloy, Titanium and other high alloy materials.  Dan has also worked at Central Cable Contractors as a Maintenance Welder.  During his time at Central Cable, he had performed high level skilled welding on light and heavy duty equipment in control environments as well as in the field using all welding processes.     

Dan is passionate about manufacturing and is excited to share his skills with current and future business partners as well as boot camp students. 

“I am eager to meet and work with our business partners as well as our boot camp students.  I am looking forward to making a positive impact in the lives of boot camp students.  I am also excited to support the growth of skilled trades within our district as well as promote sustainable careers in manufacturing.”

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Written by Samantha Rittmeyer