Get “Hands-On” at Moraine Park

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Moraine Park Technical College provides hands-on learning experiences so students will be able to move into careers with the necessary skill sets. Many individuals throughout our district are interested in returning to school or continuing their education, but they aren’t sure where to start. Several departments at MPTC have been working with individuals and organizations throughout our communities to remove this gap and showcase all the resources we offer.

On March 9, 2016, the Diversity Relations Office partnered with Economic and Workforce Development to provide a unique opportunity for students from Fond du Lac High School and individuals from the Salvation Army to experience several of the programs offered at Moraine Park. This visit also offered an overview of the Diversity Relations Office services, Economic and Workforce Development Bootcamps, a campus tour, and a student panel.

CulinaryOur visitors were able to meet with instructors in Automotive, Cosmetology, Criminal Justice-Corrections, Culinary Arts, HSED/GED, and Nursing to preview these programs and ask questions. The attendees left with information on career fields they are interested in, career assessments, and the next steps to continue their education. One Fond du Lac High School student commented, “At 16 years old, they made me realize I can further my education.”

Our student panel was comprised of four current students and alumni. They shared stories Campus Tour
of their experiences before, during, and after their time at Moraine Park. This was very impactful for the attendees: “Them telling us about their personal experience” was listed as a favorite part of the visit. Moraine Park’s Recruitment staff assisted with guiding students throughout the campus. One student greatly appreciated that “The tour helped put resources out there and made them seem more accessible.”

When surveyed about the event, the attendees overwhelming agreed the presentations encouraged them to stay in school and complete, as well as having a better understanding of the topics covered. Diversity Relations Coordinator, William Green, stated, “This was a free, hands-on oriented event. We want them to be engaged and explore various occupational program areas. In some cases, this was the first time the students had been on a college campus.”

Economic and Workforce Development Recruitment and Advising Specialist, Eileen Rottscholl, commented that the best part of what she does is helping people find the college experience. The rewards are unlimited once they realize where education can take them. It’s a mindset that you can make it if you work hard.

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Written by Katie Gindt