How I moved up the career ladder in healthcare

Female Moraine Park alum from healthcare program

Student Highlight:  Shannon Cotton

  1. Shannon, tell us about yourself.

I am the Clinical Services Supervisor at the Fond du Lac Regional Clinic and have been employed with Agnesian Healthcare for 19 years. I am an MPTC Alumnus who began my education studying computer programming and graphic design but switched my focus upon falling in love with health care. I graduated with a Technical Diploma from the Medical Assistant Program and am currently enrolled in the new Medical Office Management program.

2.  Why you are interested in the new Medical Office Management associate degree program?

The Medical Office Management program will allow me to take management courses to support my new supervisor position at Agnesian and will help me to earn my Associate degree.

3.  What is it about Moraine Park that interested you in becoming involved in the program?

I have been attending MPTC on and off since 1994 to increase my education and learn more skills in healthcare.  The staff, instructors, and the curriculum are amazing.  I wanted to move up the ladder with my current employer and each time I need more training, I come back to MPTC!

4.  What do you like about your career in a Medical Office?

There are so many opportunities.  I started as a receptionist and worked with billing, coding, scheduling, etc.  After that, I worked as a medical assistant and learned procedures, triage, casting, scheduling, vitals, and general healthcare.  Then, I took on some additional responsibilities assisting in the training of our new electronic medical record.  I loved that role and since February I have been in my current position as a supervisor over registration, float receptionists, schedulers, and call center associates.  I have been able to progress up the ladder and my education at MPTC has helped me achieve my goals.

5.  What is your long term-goal after graduation?

After graduation I plan to stay in my current position to gain the knowledge I need to continue to move up with the company.  I would love to supervise nursing and providers or even become a director at some point.

If you are interested in learning more about the new Medical Office Management associate degree or any of the certificates or technical diplomas in the career pathway (medical assistant, medical billing specialist, medical office specialist) please contact Carmen Bonlender, 920-924-3248 du Lac campus) or Sherry Hackbarth, 920-887-4425 (Beaver Dam campus).




Written by Brenda Raad
Associate Dean of Health