Mechatronics program gets new name

Male working in lab for Mechatronics

Mechatronics – what is that? Most people aren’t familiar with the word Mechatronics or what career it leads to. So…we changed the name to Electromechanical Technology. Does that help?

There is a great demand for employees in this field and it is a high paying field.

According to
“Electromechanical technology refers to the automated systems, machines, mechanical instruments and computer technologies used in manufacturing facilities. From service equipment to robots, electromechanical technologies are present in manufacturing sites, hospitals and laboratories.”

Moraine Park’s Electromechanical Technology program prepares students to problem solve, program, operate and maintain electromechanical and automated equipment.

Graduates of this program enter the industrial maintenance field where they troubleshoot and repair robotic equipment in manufacturing settings or they enter more of the programming field where they design and program robotic equipment for use in many different settings.

Career opportunities including:

  • Controls Engineer
  • Electrical/Electronics Technician
  • Field Engineer
  • Mechatronics Technician
  • Research and Development Technician

Watch this video for an introduction to the Moraine Park Technical College Electromechanical Technology Program (The video references the Mechatronics name).

Visit our Electromechanical Technology page for more information.

Written by Kim Harrington
Administrative Assistant - General Education