Homeschooling – What an unfamiliar concept

homeschool, three girls

Most of us, by now, have heard of or know someone that has or is homeschooling their children. But how many of us really know what that means?

Does it mean a family that is anti-social? Does it mean those children are not getting the socialization they need? Does it mean those families are “wacko” as I have heard us called?

A resounding no to all those questions.  Homeschool families are not aliens or really that much different from families that don’t homeschool.  They care about their children, love learning and want the best for their children.  That sounds normal, right?

Homeschooling is a choice some families make for various reasons. Those reasons include religion, learning styles, medical and psychological issues, multiple relocation situations, and so many more. It has come a long way in its acceptance from the days when I homeschooled in the 90’s and early 2000’s. The number of families that homeschool is on the rise.

Homeschooling is legal and the requirements vary by state. The Home School Legal Defense website categories states in four groups: 1.) requiring no notice, 2.) low regulation, 3.) moderate regulation and 4.) high regulation. Wisconsin falls under the low regulation category which means it is homeschool friendly when it comes to requirements. It requires the submission of a form that testifies that the guardians will follow the state statutes. Watch for another blog where I will outline those requirements.

Homeschoolers make learning a lifestyle. It isn’t just for a few hours a day for a few months a year. Learning is a constant activity and everything is an opportunity to learn and/or teach something new. It is a family thing that finds adults learning from children, children learning from adults and children learning from children. Learning is a lifelong endeavor.

If you know someone that homeschools, ask them about it.   If you don’t know someone feel free connect with me ( or 920-924-3195). We homeschoolers love to talk about homeschooling, it is our lifestyle and passion. You can also visit our website for more information about Moraine Park,

Written by Kim Harrington
Administrative Assistant - General Education