Moraine Park IT graduate reflects on value of Introduction to Mass Communication course

Chris Rowe

Chris Rowe, a May 2018 graduate of Moraine Park Technical College, enrolled in the Introduction to Mass Communication course and was not entirely sure what to expect.

The Introduction to Mass Communication course at Moraine Park explores communication in media and media literacy by providing insight into the important issues that confront students as consumers and purveyors of mass media within the workforce and in society. The mass media revolution, including media technologies, the evolution of media content and platforms, including new media, the impact of media communications on business and society as a whole, media bias, and media law and ethics provide the focus for this course.

“I learned that Mass Communication is more complicated than I thought,” said Rowe.  “In an ideal world, mass media companies should strive for excellence, honesty, and the betterment of the people they supply the information to on a daily basis,  however, this is not always the case.”

Students who take this course learn that the freedom we enjoy does not prevent the spread of misinformation.  Different types of media can contradict or leave information out to affect individuals’ beliefs and opinions.

“While taking part in this class, I really enjoyed considering some of the history and evolution of mass media, such as news, music, and film,” said Rowe. “It also was significant to learn about the impact the media has on our society and how we think and feel collectively, as well as individually. The pervasive role that media plays can be not only detrimental but also at times positive. I highly recommend this class with Dr. Rebecca Leichtfuss so that individuals understand the role and influence that media has on our free society.”

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Written by Rebecca Leichtfuss
Social Science Instructor