What is Experience-Based Learning?

Looking to gain experience, have fun, boost your resume, and stand out from the competition? Get involved with Experience-Based Learning! You may ask, what is Experience-Based Learning? Well, Experience-Based Learning provides opportunities to students to get involved through Community Service, Service Learning, and International Education.

Still confused?

Well, my name is Corey Foster and I’m here to help as the new Experiential Learning Intern.

Experience-Based Learning provides you opportunities to get involved in your community or in another country, focusing on three main things: community service, service learning, and study abroad/international education.

Get involved in your community. There are hundreds of community service opportunities available in your area!

Find opportunities related to your degree to gain experience and enhance your resume. Tell me your interests and hobbies and I can match you to the perfect community service opportunity.

Service-Learning combines community service with classroom instruction. While this kind of experiential learning includes volunteer activity (the service), its focus is on application of classroom learning (the learning) to the activity. Students help their community as part of a course, and the community engagement. Service Learning enhances the curriculum of the class, requires student reflection, addresses a community issue or problem, benefits both the student and the service agency, and connects learning and assessment to the real world.

13239465_878800958908930_582502109634320565_nLooking to gain experience in another country? We offer different study abroad programs including our Germany Exchange Program for two weeks, and summer or semester abroad programs to Austria, China, Costa Rica, England, France, India, Ireland, or Spain. There may also be other short term programs available, so stay tuned or contact me if you would like more information as it is discovered.

An article by Forbes, “Why You Should Spend Money on Experiences, Not Things”, reminds us that investing in experiences provide a more-lasting happiness than material things, and that our experiences become part of our identity. So invest in yourself and get involved.

Whether you decide to get involved in your community or in international education, it will help grow your resume, self-confidence, global perspective, and transferable skills.

And remember I’m here to help! If you have any questions or would like to set up a meeting please email me at cfoster2@morainepark.edu. You can also find me in O-204 in Fond du Lac most Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and I travel to West Bend and Beaver Dam weekly.


Written by Corey Foster
Experiential Learning Intern