Students and Staff Get Crafty Before the Holidays

Picture of finished Holiday Board Sign that says, "Let it Snow."

On Tuesday December 5th, the Students and Staff of the Fond du Lac campus had the opportunity to get their hands a little messy during their lunch period. The commons area quickly filled up, find out what all the buzz was about!

Students and staff painting their holiday board signs in the cafeteria Students and staff painting their holiday board signs in the cafeteria

This event was sponsored by the Fond du Lac Student Senate with the help from Urban Artique in Sheboygan. The ladies were so kind to bring in a variety of materials that could be used to make the board signs.

Step #1 – Choose your board. There were six color options to choose from: gray wash, white wash, blue wash, light brown stain, dark brown stain, or unfinished.

Step #2 – Choose your stencil. This was by far the hardest decision to make. Not only were there Christmas ones to choose from such as “Merry Christmas” and “Let it Snow”, but there were also quotes that would be appropriate to keep up year round such as, “Welcome”, “Blessed,” and “Believe in Yourself”.

Step #3 – Apply your stencil to your board. The ladies from Urban Artique were extremely helpful the entire time and were there to help with any questions anybody had.

Students and staff painting their holiday board signs in the cafeteria

Step #4 – Choose your paint colors. Otherwise known as the second hardest decision to make! The variety of colors made it so that everybody could make a board that was 100% unique to them. Time to paint, don’t forget your apron! Painting progress picture of sign that says, Let it snow.

Step #5 – Remove your stencil. Once your paint has dried it is time to remove your stencil and reveal your beautiful new sign! This was the most satisfying part of my entire day. Take a step back and pat myself on the back, I couldn’t believe that I made this!

Finished Holiday Board Sign that says, "Let it Snow."

Step #6 – Apply finishing touches. Perhaps you missed a spot in your stencil and you need to fill them in with a little paint brush. You might also want to make your board look a little distressed by sanding it down a little bit. Lastly, you could preserve your design with a top-coat.

Activities like this wouldn’t be possible without our Student Senate. Thanks go to everybody who helped put this event together; it was a blast to attend. If you took a picture of your holiday board sign, Tweet us a picture @MoraineParkTech. We would love to see what you created!

Written by Brooke Harmsen
Temporary Social Media Specialist "A day without laughter is a day wasted"