Student Spotlight: Sheila Delvaux, Business Management

Moraine Park has several business degree and certificates programs.  Student enjoy many opportunities within our business programs.   If you spend any time on our West Bend campus, chances are you have seen Shelia Delvaux, one of our students  studying business management and small entrepreneurship.  Here is some insight on her journey at Moraine Park and plans after graduation.

Share a little about yourself:

I am the youngest of 3 girls, and raised in Campbellsport, WI. I live in St. Michaels, WI with my boyfriend and my son that I was blessed with. My boyfriend has two boys that I love to death. They each have gave us grand babies that we spoil every chance we get.

Why did you choose Moraine Park & what program area did you choose:

I chose Moraine Park because it was close to home. In addition, my 84 year old grandfather went here along with my mother, both my sisters, and my aunt. They each have done well and I wanted to follow in the family footprints.

I am in both business management programs. The first is business management and supervision, and the second is business management and small entrepreneurship.

These are well-rounded programs. The program classes have taught me everything from how to work with difficult people, how to organize and start my business, and how to market my business. I feel I have a well-built foundation.

What would you like to do when you graduate?

I graduate in May of 2018. My boyfriend and I have begun the process of starting our own automotive shop. We would like to add on a little coffee bar in the waiting room area of the auto shop. With my fresh business education, his 30 years of wrenching, and both of our drives to help others, we should have a great outcome.

What advice would you have for people considering Moraine Park?

Take the leap and grow your wings on your way down. This college is set up with three smaller campuses so it is not overwhelming when trying to find your classes. The staff here are supportive and very welcoming. The teachers are very helpful and strive to see their students succeed. The clubs that are set up in the college are filled with upbeat students that want to make the most out of their time here. Moraine Park can also be a great place to start and obtain credits to transfer towards a four-year degree.

Student typing at a computer

Written by Melanie Schroeder
Student Involvement Specialist