Meet Ashley Martin

ashley headshotIn addition to being a busy mother of four, Ashley is enrolled in Moraine Park’s Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse program and anticipates graduating in May of 2019.

Aspiring to become an educated advocate for addiction services in our community, she chose the AODA program and looks forward to working as a counselor after graduation. “Addiction affects millions of people in the United States. When you consider this and the likelihood that I will counsel someone with this disease, I know the AODA program is a great stepping stone for my education and career goals”

“I originally came to Moraine Park because it was close to my hometown. When I entered the Fond du Lac campus everyone was so friendly, happy, and inviting. I needed help and didn’t know where to start and they help with everything. Once I completed a test in the career center, I was able to finally see where I would most benefit in a career.  Finally, with all the right guidance I was able to enroll into a program I feel very passionate about. Also, the courses offered fit nicely with my busy schedule.”

Ashely has also taken an active role in the College. She is a member of Student Senate and is President of the AODA Club.  She recently joined Moraine Park’s Alumni Advisory Committee where she adds a student perspective to conversations and initiatives.

After graduating from Moraine Park, she plans to transfer to a four-year college to pursue a bachelors and then masters in counseling.  When asked about her dream job, Ashley pondered and then said, “That’s a good question. I used to think it was having a certain title or position within a company. Now, I feel that having a career that is rewarding and challenging, but also allows me to help people, would be my dream job.

“I feel truly blessed to be where I am at right now in my life. I have met some really great people at Moraine Park and I am happy I decided to spend some of college experience with this great school.”

Written by Joan Brezinsky
Alumni & Annual Fund Specialist