Transfer Insight AND Abraham Lincoln?

Two EDGE students, stand with President Lincoln after his sharing of his 2nd inaugural address.

By providing opportunities for students to see where their future education can take them, and exposing them to new cultural activities, the EDGE (Student Support Services-TRIO) hopes to broaden students’ futures both during, and after, their time at Moraine Park.

Becky Weyer, standing in front of a Ripon College display wall, during her tour of campus.

Becky Weyer, visting the Ripon College campus on Thursday, 9/21.

Visiting Ripon College on Thursday, September 21, Becky Weyer gained insight on pursuing the law degree she’s interested in.  Taking her knowledge within MPTC’s Legal Administrative Professional program into Ripon’s pre-law curriculum, she then wishes to look towards Marquette University (or potentially others) for her juris doctorate.  Having the opportunity to tour campus, talk with students, meet with the Dean of Faculty, and discuss the transfer admission process all made Becky feel like Ripon may just be her next step after graduating from Moraine Park this coming spring!

Two EDGE students, stand with President Lincoln after his sharing of his 2nd inaugural address.

Elle Kahlow and Robert Miller, students, stand with an actor portraying President Lincoln.

On Saturday, September 23, the EDGE took students to the Civil War reenactment at the Wade House grounds in Greenbush.  Watching a reenactment of a skirmish on the road to Franklin in 1864, a medical procedure performed in a field hospital tent, and listening to Abraham Lincoln give his 2nd inaugural speech brought an understanding that is much harder to come by if you’re only used to reading about history.

Two EDGE students, visiting the 17th Corps Field Hospital.

Robert Miller and Elle Kahlow at the 17th Corps Field Hospital tent.

The EDGE is a Student Support Services/TRIO Program funded in part by a US Department of Education grant in the amount of $226,000 annually as of 2016-2017.

Written by Bradley Mitchell
Academic Advisor - SSS/EDGE