Fighting for Equal Pay by Learning to Negotiate #20PercentCounts

Female Moraine Park student

Today is Equal Pay Day, a day that is still on the calendar because despite the 148 years of fighting for equal pay and despite a 54 year old law, women are still paid on average 20% less than men doing the same position. Why mark this occasion in April?  Because that is how long it would take a woman to earn what a man earned the year prior. What’s worse, if you are a woman AND a minority it would take you even longer (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2015).


Would you settle for 20%?  Lean In, an organization dedicated to closing the wage gap, posted a video to show that 20% makes a difference.  For more information on the wage gap, go to

What can women do?  Well, be aware of it for one.  Be aware that when you get hired there is a good chance that the man they hire a year later will be making more than you.  Be aware that unconscious and/or conscious bias might play a role in what you are offered.  And finally, be aware that you can ask for more.  Maybe we can make up some of that 20% if we just ask for it.

Moraine Park is hosting two free events for women to learn how to negotiate for salary/benefits.  Register now to save your seat, as registration is limited!

Speaker Ayana Ledford, PROGRESS Foundation

Part 1: Dollars & Sense                                  Tuesday, April 18th                          12-1:15 pm

       IVC: FDL A-112, WB T-101, BD K-320

  • How to plan for negotiation
  • Competitive versus cooperative negotiation strategies

Part 2: Getting What You Want                 Wednesday, April 19th                  12:30-3 pm

         Fond du Lac only! Room O-103

  • Negotiation styles
  • Unconscious bias
  • Role playing activities

Register in advance at to save your seat.  If you plan to attend session 2, you need to also attend session 1.  This is your chance to learn valuable skills that can make a difference!

If you’d like to attend but have a class conflict, please ask your teacher if they will excuse you as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! If you have any questions, please contact Renae Fischer at

Written by Renae Fischer
Academic Advisor - NTO