Uniquely United

three students standing of fireplace

We should share our similarities and celebrate our differences.

M. Scott Peck

I had the opportunity to talk candidly with three outstanding Moraine Park students. Every student who walks the halls of Moraine Park is on an individual path. As you read the stories below, it will become evident that each student has different interests and backgrounds, but what they have in common is the fact that right now they are students at Moraine Park, working hard to achieve their goals.

Linda Johnson

Linda is from Chicago, but after liking what she saw on the Moraine Park web site, she applied for the Nursing program and moved to Fond du Lac. She had attended school elsewhere previously but liked the resources, scholarships and other ways MPTC could help her accomplish her goals.

“What I enjoy most about Moraine Park is the teamwork and that everyone is so nice,” Linda said. “Everyone has made me feel very welcome, and like I can do this, I can accomplish my goals!”

Something people may not know about her?

“I was abused for most of my life,” she said. “I know I didn’t deserve that, but I’m stronger now.”

She has overcome many obstacles and has set high goals for herself. Five years she hopes to have her associate degree in nursing, own a business, as well as purchase a car and a house.”

Tierney Cayo

Tierney is from Iron River, Michigan. She has been a student here for two years and is a work-study at the Fond du Lac campus front entrance.

“I chose the IT Web Development program,” Tierney said. “Moraine Park’s program emphasizes on back end coding, which is what I was looking for. I love the smaller class sizes, and my teachers, advisor, and the staff are very nice.”

Something people may not know about her?

I like paranormal horror stories,” she said. “I also like writing them. I’m making a choose your own adventure game for one of the stories I wrote.”

Five years from now, her goal is to have her Bachelor degree in software engineering and own a video game business with her boyfriend.

Jonathan Diaz

Jonathan has been a cosmetology student at Moraine Park since last fall. He came to the College for the convenience of our location, and the cost.

“I like the great communication between staff and other students here,” he said. “Everyone knows each other.”

Something people may not know about him?

“I am a drag queen,” Jonathan said. “I have performed in Madison, Sheboygan, Neenah, and Fond du Lac.”

Jonathan’s five-year plan is to finish his cosmetology degree, work in a salon, and pursue a degree in fashion design.

“I want to make costumes and cut and style for stage performances.”

I encourage you to take a moment to say hello to the person next to you in the hallway, classroom, cafeteria, or anywhere in between. Strike up a conversation! Ask about their interests, goals, and their Moraine Park experience, you may find that you have more in common than what you think! At the very least you will meet someone new, and perhaps you will become a part of their Moraine Park journey.


Written by Jackie Vincent