Maximizing Your Most Valuable Resource

The Economic and Workforce Development department at Moraine Park Technical College kicked off the first 2017 Business Forum on Friday, March 10, with the topic of Talent Development Strategies and maximizing your most valuable resource. These Business Forums are a complimentary service offered to area businesses to share best practices with each other and each forum is built on current business and industry needs.  Over 20 people from 12 different companies ranging from manufacturing, healthcare and food service were represented and shared their experiences with talent development strategies.

“Talent development strategy is the long-term, systematic approach you use for building the knowledge, skills, and abilities of your employees to help them develop and achieve their potential so that your organization can succeed and grow.”

Dr.  Andrew Fleck, with his twenty years of experience, shared his insight on what successful organizations have done to implement talent development strategies. Fleck shared with the group the 6 Core Principles to follow when focusing on talent development; which are:

  1. Alignment with Strategy
  2. Internal Consistency
  3. Cultural Embeddedness
  4. Management Involvement
  5. Balance Global and Local Needs
  6. Employer Branding Through Differentiation

Three local organizations shared successful talent development strategies they have implemented in their organizations. Tammy Pitts and Peggy McArdle from Agnesian Healthcare, Brian Pulford from John Deere, and Jerry Ciegelski from Mercury Marine presented and also fielded questions from the audience around challenges they faced in executing on their plans.  The audience was able to walkaway with three key points that will help them in the implementation of their own plans.  The key points from the presenters were:

  • Pick a pilot area to try something.
  • Start small, but have a vision.
  • Realize that what works for others may not work in your organizational culture, so you have to make it your own.
Tammy Pitts and Peggy McArdle from Agnesian Healthcare

Tammy Pitts and Peggy McArdle from Agnesian Healthcare

Jerry Ciegelski from Mercury Marine

Jerry Ciegelski from Mercury Marine












Brian Pulford

Brian Pulford from John Deere


















Mark your calendars for the next Business Forum on October 20 from 8:00 – 10:00 a.m. on Moraine Park Fond du Lac campus.

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Written by Samantha Story