Moraine Park’s Homeschool Partnership

Female student studies at table in Moraine Park library

Synonyms for partnership include: cooperation, assistance, interest, sharing, community and ownership. At Moraine Park Technical College, we embrace all of these characteristics of partnership with our students. And homeschooled students are no exception and benefit tremendously from partnering with the college.

Our relationship starts before high school, as young students participate in events at Moraine Park designed to educate them and give them hands on opportunities to try out various careers for their future. I am confident that these experiences will lead to more research and learning after the event by the student and family.

Throughout the year, Moraine Park offers hands-on learning opportunities in various events. There are several summer events such as Tech Knowledge College, Toolin’ It Camp, and Girls Rock Robotics (formerly Engineering for Girls).  These all give junior high and high school students hands on experiences in programs that are offered at Moraine Park. And all of these opportunities are open to homeschool students too. There is still availability for Tech Knowledge College this coming August. Click here for more information.

As students head toward the end of their high school years and narrow down their career path, we have additional opportunities for them. The Homeschooled students can take college courses while still in high school to earn both high school and college credits at the same time while learning at a college entry level. If attending Moraine Park isn’t necessarily in the plan, they can still attend a class as both college and high school credit to transfer to another college. (Please inquire regarding the transferability of courses before enrolling).

During the public-school year, we invite students and their families to come and see the programs we offer and to register for college during Discover Moraine Park in February and Career Showcase in October. Whether your child is in the public school system or homeschooled, a partnership with Moraine Park will help them discover their potential and get started on a career path that’s right for them.

If you want to know more about any of these or other events please contact me at or 920-924-3195.  You can also visit our website at

Written by Kim Harrington
Administrative Assistant - General Education